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Maria is the creator of Visual Music ConceptsTM (VMC) – A unique, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) teaching method, designed to ensure that students of all levels have the ability to succeed.  VMC is a program that has been recognized by Columbia University Medical Center Research Neurologist, Dr. Harry D. Schneider.  This new program was first piloted by trained therapists to use music in a positive way with special learners at a Speech and Hearing Center in Ohio.  VMC is now a sought after program both domestically and internationally.


Maria received her B.S. as a special education teacher from Touro College.  She holds a Bachelor of Science from Dowling College and her A.A.S from State University of New York at Farmingdale.  Before receiving her Masters, Maria worked as a 1:1 Assistant to Special Needs Children in a public school environment. Maria is also a life-long pianist.


In 2008, Maria founded The Music Academy for Special Learners, in Ronkonkoma, NY ­– a music and art school for special learners and typical learners.  Having experienced academic and social challenges with her son, she is familiar with the caring, time and discipline essential to help just one special learner become successful and navigate through life.  Maria developed an immediate connection and fondness for working with children who have special needs during her graduate school internship at the Developmental Disabilities Institute in Huntington, NY.

The Music Academywas one of the primary focuses in a documentary entitled, “Art is Umm…The Way to Heal.”   This documentary focuses on the benefits that music and art have on children diagnosed with autism.  Maria and her school have been featured in various publications including Newsday, Touro Links Magazine (article entitled, “Breakthrough Music School for Autism”), Autism Society of America and Special Needs Long Island, a weekly segment on WGBB AM Radio and have been featured three times on Fios News, Push Pause and Heroes On Our Island.


Maria is an avid volunteer.  She provides a day of music and musical activities for special needs teenagersand adults who attend Camp Northstar (a 501 (c) (3) organization that holds a camp on Shelter Island, NY.).   She is a speaker at several Special Ed PTA organizations throughout Long Island and discusses the impact music and art have on children on the autism spectrum and other developmental disabilities.   She also is part of the Advisory Board for a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity called Changing Hands which helps special needs individuals.  Maria currently works with students of all ages and abilities at The Music Academy.

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